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A small dumb program that reads your dhcpd.leases file and barfs out a bunch of A records that you can put in your named zone file.

Usage: Under the header definitions down there there's a #define for leases_file, change that to the location on your system. This was developed on an OpenBSD machine, I don't know where other system keep their leases file.

^^^^^^^ if you dont set the path of your leases file the program will coredump!! thats how much error checking it does!!!

This program comes with absolutely no warranty implied or explicit. Other than that, do whatever you want with it. fraggle's arraylist.c/h is part of his c algorithms library, licensed under the ISC license.

I'd choose some license for this code but i'm lazy so .. have fun i guess

version 0.1, jan 31/2011: initial relase

(c) dave kiddell 2011